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One of the most key features is providing online consultation with India’s best doctors having proven track record in their specialties. With support of EmedSolution patients can consult online best doctors in India for any medical consultation and can also make available their medical records(XRays, Ultra Sound, CT SCAN).We provides online consultancy in form of Live Chat, Email. Reducing the cost of care, and providing care on-demand - at your convenience.

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Value and Excellence.

Very nice user experience and upto date. Helpfull for both patients and medical personel.

vivek mishra, kanpur

Got Instant reply.. :). May it help all needy sensible people across the country. Keep the good work up..:)

Ashutosh, New Delhi

Great website & even wonderful concept. Bringing total healthcare under one roof. Keep it up.. :)

Aman Amit, Hyderabad


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EmedSolution provide online platform for physicians interested in expanding his/her practice or having a   more  flexible schedule. Join Our team and get Freedom to effortlessly expand your practice & your income.    Liberty   from all the distractions of administrative tasks. Opportunity to spend more time with patients, and the  freedom to  be  truly well-compensated  for your work.  and all the while,   freedom from  health   maintenance   organizations. If  you’re  a new doctor wanting to add to your practice Full-time or part-time, Emedsolution provide you with flexible options to fit your schedule.


A Step towards today’s health care crisis, providing complementary and gap health care that focus on non-emergent, preventative, maintenance and primary/routine medical questions, conditions, and symptoms.


Consult in minutes.

Join Us and get connected to a doctor within minutes. This service can be utilized when you are seeking information on medical conditions, want advice or recommendations for common conditions.

Priority / By Appointment

Within a couple hours or less, or appointments usually available by next day. This is our most comprehensive consultation. Our physicians review your Medical Assessment and History Questionnaire prior to consult giving our members specific answers to their concerns, medical questions and when requesting medication. (Requires a completed online Medical Assessment and History Questionnaire prior to consult.)


Where you can communicate with a doctor via our secure messaging system. E-mail your questions and receive your response usually within 2 -3 hours and guaranteed within 24 hours. Our Secure E-mail Medical Consultation allows you to simply log on to your member account and communicate with a doctor via our secure messaging system.